They are very welcoming and give you the tools you need to perform your job duties.

Everyone is nice here and has positive attitude.

I feel that management really tries to know their employees on a personal level not just another body working in the building.

Everyone works as a team and there are so many reliable workers you can count on if something comes up. Overall, you know that you are cared about which makes it’s so easy to want to come to work.

Our residents are always put first and that makes this a great place. I love our residents and have made special connections with them, and they are the reason I enjoy working in this environment.

It’s just an amazing place to work at and I love how there is TEAM WORK here and if you need something done management gets it done.

Everyone works as a team to give the best care to the residents.

It really is a great place to work… the benefits are great, and the people are great.

The genuine collaboration working here is much better than any other facility I have given my time to. The lack of shift squabbling and gossiping is refreshing and relieving.

I like how they do a lot of activities with the residents, and it makes the place more welcoming and warming.

I believe the Mission Vision and Values of Vetter Senior Living sets us apart and makes us outstanding in long term care facility comparisons in the valley.

You feel so welcomed the moment you walk through the doors, they make sure you know they want you here and management is good at making sure you know they will listen no matter what it is. and they make sure you know you will be heard.

I love how caring and understanding this team is! I’m a high school student and I feel they work around it with school and sports very well! I’m very blessed to have such an amazing staff to back me up always!!

It is very home-like. Very spacious and clean. Great location. Residents are well cared for and clean.

This company truly does care about it’s employees, they offer so many options to every possible situation to help financially, emotionally, mentally and promote positivity daily.

It’s a great place to work because everyone here is like family.

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