Heritage Estates Resident Leads Bible Study Groups

Robert Armstrong was born in Howe, Nebraska, a small town with the population of about 40 people.

“It was a pretty small town,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong is an insurance agent and is now a resident of Heritage Estates. Armstrong has led quite an interesting life.

“I went to Milford Trade School after I graduated,” Armstrong said. “I went there for diesel mechanics.”

Armstrong worked at a motor shop while going to school. He would go to school during the day and work during the night.

“I was set up personnel and lathe operator,” Armstrong said.

After that I went into the insurance business.” Armstrong said. “I still carry my license.”

Armstrong’s career has carried him from place to place. The insurance business has moved him from Lincoln to Cozad and finally Gering.

“Really I was looking for more opportunity for my practice,” Armstrong said. “I have been here since 1970.”

Armstrong was single when he moved here in 1970, but met his wife Jean in 1972. She moved here from Denver.

It was their second marriage for both of them. Together, they have five children from each of their previous marriages.

“She had three daughters and I had two sons,” Armstrong said. “They’re all older and have moved away from here now, but they were raised here.”

“My wife works up at the hospital,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong and his wife will be celebrated their 42nd wedding anniversary on October 25th.

“We had a mutual trust in each other which has helped it to work,” Armstrong said.

Armstrong also collects model cars. He even has a restored 1917 pedal dump truck that he found in the city dump.

“It was rusted and had bullet holes in it,” Armstrong said. “We sent it in to get it restored.”

The truck now sits outside of his room at Heritage Estates.

Armstrong is still a very active member of his church and went to a bible study on Sunday afternoons. He was unable to go to the study after he was confined to his wheelchair.

“I was unable to go, so we asked for permission to have it here,” Armstrong said.

There are two bible studies that Armstrong is a part of. He has one on Sunday afternoon and one on Wednesday evenings.

The Wednesday evening one is the one that Armstrong leads himself.

“It’s a men’s group that we have and I have been leading them through Genesis,” Armstrong said. “I compiled a bunch of my notes on Genesis for the study.”

The notes are compiled into a book that has charts and guided reading of Genesis in it. It has references to others parts of the bible as well.

“With all of the references, we get through the whole bible by the end of it,” Armstrong said.

“I think what I’ve learned from it is that a lot of men have a real thirst for biblical knowledge,” Armstrong said.


Article reprinted with permission from Aaron Henry and The Gering Courier!

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